I moved from Transylvania to Budapest, Hungary with the aim of starting my own fashion brand. In, 2012, I arrived in London with a big dream – to establish TildArt as a viable business. I worked at first as a rickshaw driver in Central London. This was hard physical work but I got the chance to meet very interesting people and generate some funds in order to begin to establish my brand. It also provided me with the inspiration to recycle the hundreds of discarded inner tubes at the Rickshaw base to create fashion! 


I was invited to show two of my collections at the Eco Fashion Week 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. This gave me the confidence to move forward with the business! The next year I opened my studio in London where TildArt “Eco Luxury” continues to invent a new way of looking at fashion. 2016 - I went back to the Vancouver Eco Fashion Week and showed my “VeloLux” collection, which is made from a combination of recycled inner tube and natural fabrics such us wool, natural latex - inlaid with Swarovski Crystals. From 2017 to PRESENT, I expanded my brand to include fashion pieces made from recycled old curtains and a combination of plant based organic fabrics, such as bamboo silk, cotton, “pinatex” and cork. The curtains were sourced from “Spencer House” where Lady Diana, Winston Churchill and a few British aristocratic families were based. I’ve created a new Eco Luxurious Fashion Style with a touch of British History! All of my pieces are tailor made in London and made to order from the TildArt website.



    “I love it when fabric/material has a history” - TildArt



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